Process Overview

COOL plays a role in a five-step credentialing process, but some steps require you to reach out to the credentialing agency or exam vendor. The five basic steps are shown in the Main Menu accessible from the top right corner of every page. This page provides an overview of the steps, with links to more detailed information about each step. You should review this carefully to understand the entire process.

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Step 1: Find & Select Related Credentials

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Use COOL’s Go to: Rating or Navigator features to see how your Coast Guard training and experience match up with civilian credentials. Learn about selected credential requirements and contact the credentialing agency to validate that you meet their eligibility criteria. Meet with your Education Services Officer (ESO) during this first step.

Step 2: Request Approval via MyCG Ed

Apply for credentialing assistance (CA) via the MyCG Ed Portal. Applications for CA must be submitted 14 calendar days prior to exam date or incurring any fees.

Step 3: Pay for Approved Fees and Request Reimbursement

Upon receipt of CA authorization from ETQC, proceed to pay for approved credentialing fees. Once payment is made, upload a copy of the receipt, along with an electronically endorsed Request for Miscellaneous Reimbursement (OF-1164) to MyCG Ed Portal within 30 calendar days of payment.

Step 4: Get your Credential

Upon CA authorization approval and payment of fees, complete the credentialing requirements (e.g. take exam, submit application package, etc.) through the credentialing agency. Provide ETQC with any credentialing exam results within 90 calendar days of CA authorization.

Step 5: Report Results

Upload a legible copy of your credential to the MyCG Ed Portal within 30 calendar days of attainment.

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Updated: February 9, 2020